Protect Your Carpets From Summer Traffic

Posted on Jun 9th 2022

For many, summer brings greater foot traffic into our homes. It’s part of the fun of summer! Who doesn’t love a wonderful party or game night? Of course, increased activity also adds to the wear and tear on your carpets, especially in frequently travelled locations. Check out our tips to protect your floors this summer!

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Summer Cleaning Tips for a Sparkling Home

Posted on Jun 9th 2022

Summer is finally here! School is out, and the cold, dark days of winter have given way to warmer temperatures and plenty of sunlight. But keeping your home clean with the extra heat and foot-traffic can be tricky. Here are a few simple tips and tricks to help keep your house clean over the summer months.

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How to Keep Carpets Clean Around Pets

Posted on Jun 9th 2022

Our four-legged friends are part of what make a house feel like a home. At the same time, parenting cats and dogs can also mean taking on extra cleaning responsibilities and considering additional steps to maintain a healthy household. When it comes to taking care of your carpets, keep these tips in mind.

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What Is Green Cleaning — And Does It Really Matter?

Posted on Jun 9th 2022

In the last decade, there has been a growing trend in the home care world to “go green” when it comes to household cleaners. But what does green cleaning mean, and does it matter how green your cleaning products really are?

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Zerorez MN Anniversary Milestone

Posted on Sep 16th 2016

Zerorez of Minnesota is celebrating 10 years of proudly serving the Twin Cities Metro Area.

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Posted on Aug 1st 2016

Customer Reviews System Helps Zerorez Measure Outstanding Service as its "Capstone" to Superior Cleaning Technology.

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Zerorez Carpet Cleaning, Opens in St. Louis

Posted on Jun 27th 2016

Zerorez is the revolutionary carpet and living surfaces cleaning business that's changing the way homeowners and property managers think about cleaning!
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Zerorez® Announces Targeted Growth Areas, Building on Strong 2015

Posted on May 1st 2016

The Carpet Cleaning Franchise Seeks New Franchise Owners for New Markets to Continue Its National Expansion.

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ZEROREZ® Carpet Cleaning Services Franchise Holds 13th Annual Franchise Conference

Posted on Apr 28th 2016

Zerorez Franchising Systems, Inc. held its 13th annual franchise conference in Salt Lake City, Utah on March 2-4. The conference featured several collaborative breakout sessions, presentations, an award banquet, and the first-ever company ski day.

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How Do You Get Carpets Really Clean, With No Residue Left Behind?

Posted on Mar 23rd 2016

A lot of people think it is simple enough just to vacuum. Zerorez points out their technological advances that may change the way that customer clean their homes.

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Zerorez Celebrates Record Growth Year in 2015

Posted on Feb 9th 2016

Zerorez franchisors celebrate across North America, celebrated a historic year in 2015. The year produced record revenue growth, and the Zerorez organization achieved its 7th consecutive year of double-digit growth.

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More Entrepreneurs Looking to Start a Carpet Cleaning Business Turning to Franchising

Posted on Jan 1st 2016

Entrepreneurs who have thought about how to start a carpet cleaning business have learned that franchising is the best option.

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Zerorez Announces New Carpet Cleaning Franchise Opportunities in Indiana

Posted on Dec 1st 2015

The Carpet Cleaning Service Franchise Seeks New Franchise Owners During Statewide Expansion

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Zerorez® Announces New Partnership with HealthWay Home Products to Help Combat Indoor Air Pollution Across the United States

Posted on Nov 17th 2015

Zerorez has focused on cleaning homes, introducing new and disruptive technologies to the carpet-cleaning industry since its first operation opened in 2002. It now adds a partnership with HealthWay Home Products.

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Zerorez® Continues Progressive National Expansion into the Nation's Capital

Posted on Sep 28th 2015

The DC Metro follows openings in Springfield, MA, Pittsburgh, PA, and Albany, NY. The DC Metro area encompasses Northern Virginia and several counties in Maryland. Now it also boasts the home of Zerorez of DC Metro - the newest Franchise in the expanding Zerorez system.

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Zerorez® Announces Opening in New York's Capital District As Expansion Continues across America

Posted on Aug 24th 2015

Over the past four centuries, Albany, NY has grown from a small Dutch settlement into New York State's Capital Region in the heart of burgeoning Tech Valley. Now, the area is also home to the Zerorez Capital District Franchise.

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Zerorez® Announces Plans to Roll Across Indiana—“The Crossroads of America.”

Posted on Jul 29th 2015

Zerorez, the national carpet and living surfaces cleaning franchisor, is building on its successful first two years in Indianapolis and plans to grow across the State, with its patent-pending and "green" cleaning system. Great Franchise Owners are key to the brand's continuing success!

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Zerorez® Expands Again--Announces Opening in Austin area; Builds on strong DFW area success.

Posted on Jun 1st 2015

Zerorez, the national carpet and living surfaces cleaning franchisor rolls into the Austin area with its patent-pending "green" cleaning system. Military Veterans, like Joshua Fitzgerald, represent a key component to continued growth.

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Zerorez® Creates "Gateway" for Veterans--Announces VetFran Participation. Plans Expansion into the St. Louis Region

Posted on May 4th 2015

Zerorez® the national carpet and living surfaces cleaning franchisor targets the St. Louis Region for its patent-pending "green" franchise growth. VetFran Program is a key component of the brand's continued expansion.

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Seattle Area Executive Bringing "Green" Solution to the Northwest

Posted on Apr 9th 2015

Zerorez the successful national carpet and living surfaces cleaning franchised organization, is expanding into the Puget Sound, following the path other Washington State Franchisees have paved in Spokane and the Tri-Cities.

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Temp Zerorez® - The Right Way To Clean® Comes to the Philadelphia Area

Posted on Mar 8th 2015

Successful and fast growth brand builds on its patent-pending carpet and living surface cleaning technology to grow its strong franchise base across North America. New Franchise Owners wanted who are passionate about great customer service.

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