Cleaning vs. Replacement: What’s the Best Option for Your Carpet?

Posted on Jan 4th 2023


Cleaning vs. Replacement: What’s the Best Option for Your Carpet?

Perhaps you’ve been in your home a long time, and you’ve started to notice imperfections in your carpet. Or, maybe you’re about to buy a new home and wondering if you should replace the carpet before moving in. Whatever your situation, follow these simple steps to determine whether you need to replace your carpet or if cleaning it will suffice.

1. Observe Stains

If you've noticed a new stain or two, it's worth it to try having the highly–rated professional team of Zerorez clean your carpets and lift the stains. However, if you've had your carpet cleaned and still notice stains, or if carpet cleanings result in discoloration due to tough stains, it's time to replace your carpet.

We always recommend cleaning the carpet before moving into a new "old" home. But if the carpeting in your new home was not deep cleaned on a routine basis, even a carpet cleaning may not be enough to lift stains. If that's the case, you will need to invest in a replacement. If you can see stains on your carpet, the pads underneath are likely stained and harboring dirt, bacteria, and residue build–up.

Dark coffee spill in a beige carpet, book Zerorez today to remove coffee stains.

2. Take Note of Odors

If you've ever noticed that your carpet still smells unpleasant after cleaning, the problem is likely embedded deep within the carpet padding or the floor. Foul odors that won't go away often cause a complete carpet replacement.

If you've recently adopted a pet or had a similar lifestyle change and have concerns about urine odor or tracked dirt, professional carpet cleaning services are all you need to keep your home feeling and smelling fresh and clean. Scheduling routine carpet cleanings with Zerorez on top of keeping up with frequent vacuuming and stain mitigation can keep your carpet going strong.

3. Determine Texture Changes

In some cases, carpet becomes so worn that the padding begins to lose its intended shape or the carpet height starts to change. If you notice significant changes in the texture or height of your carpet or feel you're stepping on odd lumps and bumps, it's time for a replacement.

Worn-out carpet and padding are being removed as recommended by Zerorez.

4. Evaluate Water Damage

Water damage can occur very quickly and have long–lasting impacts on carpeting. If your home has flooded or another where water seeped into your carpets, it's essential to dry it entirely as fast as possible. Mold can begin to grow within hours, compromising your family's health and your carpet's longevity. If you couldn't dry your carpet right away, or if the source of flooding was unsanitary, you will need to replace your carpet and padding.

5. Keep Allergies in Mind

Some degree of seasonal allergies may be normal for many individuals. Still, if you notice the allergies in your household getting worse for no apparent reason, your carpets may be the culprit. Fortunately, this may only mean you're due for a deep clean from a trusted provider like Zerorez. Zerorez can help evaluate the health of your carpets and let you know if a larger problem is at hand and if carpet replacement is in order.

Beige carpet being cleaned by Zerorez.

6. Calculate Age

Finally, the age of your carpet can help you determine whether you need to completely replace it or simply schedule a cleaning. When properly cared for with routine deep cleanings and regular maintenance, carpets can last 15–20 years. If your carpet has been around longer than a decade and has not been cleaned at least once a year, it might be time to begin planning for a replacement.

Fortunately, the team at Zerorez is here to help you thoroughly evaluate your carpet and let you know if it may be time for a replacement. In the meantime, regular cleanings with our unique process and formula can help increase longevity and keep your carpets fresh. Book your appointment today!