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At Zerorez®, we're crazy about clean (some might say obsessed). We're committed to doing the right thing for our customers and the environment. We're revolutionizing the carpet cleaning industry with our innovative and scientific approach to cleaning.

We're also committed to doing the right thing for the environment, our customers and our franchise owners.

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Building my Zerorez Franchise (like building any new business), has required a lot of effort, yet has been the most satisfying experience I have ever had! Like any great journey, there have been many people, both in and out of the Zerorez family, who have helped guide me along the way. As Robert Frost said, 'Two paths diverged…and I took one less traveled and that has made all the difference.' I love owning a Zerorez Franchise."

~ Steve Colton, Owner, Zerorez Atlanta, Greenville, Columbia, Cincinatti & Tampa

Our Story

The idea for Zerorez® was conceived by co-founders, Gaylord Karren and John Hopkins in the early 90s while they were managing several thousand rental properties in Houston and Dallas, Texas.

Second only to payroll, the largest expense each month was the cost of replacing carpets. They had over 2.5 million square feet of carpet in their properties, and every time a tenant moved out, they needed to clean the carpets for the next tenants; but no carpet cleaner was able to clean the carpets well enough to "keep them on the ground." So, Gaylord and John were spending over $100,000 every month to replace carpets.

"There must be a better way," they thought, so they dug in and started researching. Come to find out, there were two major problems: the products used to "clean" with, and the ineffective removal methods.

Think about it: soaps attract and hold on to dirt-like dirt magnets-and you don't get ALL of that soapy residue out of the carpets, it continues attracting dirt, which causes the carpets to get dirtier faster, and eventually wear out. Armed with this information, and ideas gleaned from techniques used in the oil and gas industry, Gaylord and John developed the Zr process™, designed to clean carpets and other surfaces... the right way.

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The Zerorez Difference™

Zerorez® has revolutionized the carpet cleaning industry, and we are doing the same thing for our franchise partners. As the industry continues to grow, no other brand has the competitive edge to dominate in the market.

Zerorez® has established proven methods to help franchise owners be successful.

Demand for healthier, more effective cleaning options is on the rise and Zerorez® is uniquely positioned to provide the cleanest, most effective solution available.

In an industry as mature and technologically stagnant as the carpet cleaning industry, Zerorez® stands out as an innovator and a disruptive force for good.

Two powerful things about being a Zerorez franchisee is the relationship with other franchisees and the cleaning power of Zr Clean™?. The other franchisees are willing to help you be successful, and the Zr Clean™? is part of the 'magic' that helps customers choose Zerorez each time they need their carpets and living surfaces cleaned.

~ Casey Ashdown, Owner, Zerorez Phoenix and Tucson

We've got cleaning down to a science.


Our Process

Our unique Zr process™ cleans better than any other method on earth, and it has three key components:
  • The Zr lifter®
  • The Zr wand™
  • Zr Clean™?
Customers can literally see and feel the difference!


Our People

Highly trained cleaning specialists, committed to creating raving fans, produce outstanding results and lifelong customers.


Our Promise

Our mission is "to become the most trusted provider in our industry." Combining our innovative technology with our pledge to serve, results in financial and personal success.

I had been looking into various businesses and franchises for several years before I decided on Zerorez. Not only was I impressed with the patented technological advantages and the strong commitment to service, I really felt like the corporate team put together a strong training program to get me up the learning curve as fast as possible. Since I had not been in the industry before, I needed a full program, from being on the van to answering calls to managing all aspects of the business. The corporate team went above and beyond to get me what I needed.

~ Anthony Holmes, Owner, Zerorez Puget Sound

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Take the first step towards owning and operating a successful franchise with Zerorez.
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