Pet Urine Removal Services Near Me Zerorez.

Pet Urine Removal Services

At Zerorez, we love our pets just as much as you do. We also understand that they can be the cause of some serious carpet disasters! If you’re living with embarrassing pet odors in your home, Zerorez provides real solutions for our customers that remove odors at their source! Without having to uninstall or replace carpeting.

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  • No Lingering Soap Residue
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • No Crunchy Carpet Texture
  • Fast-Drying Treatments
  • Pet-Friendly, Kid-friendly
  • Extends the Life of Carpets

The Latest in Pet Cleaning Technology

For decades carpet cleaners have been treating urine odors the same way; cover up the bad smell with “deodorizers” (which is fancy for strong perfumes that mask the smell). Your home would smell fresh and clean for a week… but sure enough the smell of urine quickly returned.

The problem is the source of urine was never truly removed. It was never “cleaned”; only “covered up.”

At Zerorez we don’t use chemical deodorizers to cover the smell of urine. Our process identifies where pet urine is located, and how deeply it has penetrated the carpet. With that information we can remove urine at the source. We do it safely using our proprietary Zr Odor and Urine Treatment™, that was specifically designed to work with our Zr Water™ to break down urine and extract it completely from the carpet. The products we use do not have a strong lingering smell that masks odors so that your home smells, well, like your home. THAT is truly clean!

The Zerorez process can even remove old urine stains below the surface of the carpet into the cushion. Over the counter pet spotters and even most carpet cleaning companies will never reach the cushion or the subfloor — but Zerorez can!

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Zr Lifter, removes deeply embedded dirt and pet urine at Zerorez.

Zr Lifter™

Loosening the deeply embedded dirt that’s stuck in your carpet fibers.

Zr Wand, more complete clean technology at Zerorez.

Zr Wand™

A more complete clean with significantly improved dry times.

Use Zr Water from Zerorez for no residue left behind.

Zr Water™

Leaves no residue which means soft carpets that stay cleaner longer.

Pet Urine Removal Services Near Me Zerorez.

What Makes Pet Stain Removal Difficult?

Pet accidents aren’t like normal spots or spills. They’re really an entire bacterial ecosystem that’s being deposited into your carpet. That ecosystem changes the longer it sits and can actually cause damage to the fibers and the dyes in your carpet. Yikes!

Over the counter spotters are the most common method for treating pee spots in carpet. But the problem is spotters only treat the tops of the fibers — not in the pad. Many spotters also use chemicals that can cause bleaching if they’re not thoroughly rinsed.

Here’s the top three concerns with pet accidents and what you need to know:

Urobilin is the source of the yellow color in urine. It is a waste product resulting from the breakdown of aging blood cells. Depending on the type of carpet you have, the yellowing can be absorbed into the fiber and permanently stain. The longer urine sits in the carpet, the higher chance staining will occur.

Pets will usually pee in hidden places. The phosphorous found in Urobilin emits a yellow or light green glow under UV light. Purchasing a simple UV light will help you find the spots you may not be aware of and can get to them quickly.

Odor in urine comes from two sources; bacteria and ammonia gas. When urine dries it changes and develops highly alkaline ammonia salts. These salts absorb moisture and release the odor causing gas. You may notice when it’s humid, pet and urine odors in your home are much stronger. This environment is perfect for bacterial growth and can stay active in carpet and cushion for years.

The only way to completely eliminate the odor causing bacteria in your carpet is to remove the source below the carpet. This is why spotters are so ineffective — urine is rarely only in the fibers.

A few pet accidents in your carpet is rarely a concern for human health. But when a pet is continuously choosing to make the carpet their personal bathroom, that can be cause for serious health concern.

Ammonia gas is being released into the air. Without adequate airflow and prolonged exposure, eye and skin irritation as well as breathing difficulties due to lung irritation can occur. These situations are more extreme and need immediate professional cleaning to remove the biological contamination.

Zerorez is here for you. With our expertise in diagnosing and treating pet odors, you can trust us to do the job right.

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Zerorez gotta love it guarantee.

If you are unsatisfied with your service for any reason, we will gladly return within 30 days of service and re-clean any areas you're unsatisfied with.

Why Use Zerorez for Odor Removal?

No Harsh Chemicals. Our cleaning products are safe for your kids and your pets! You might think that would be obvious but you’d be surprised to know many cleaning products designed to treat urine are toxic. Zerorez only uses products that are designed for us to keep your family safe.

No Masking Odors. Traditional methods simply mask remaining odors by spreading perfumes, oils, or other odor masking agents, offering only temporary results. They do this because they do not have a permanent solution for cleaning and eliminating odors.

Instant Results. Zerorez odor removal is instant because we are removing the source. Many of our customers are surprised to find that their house isn’t overwhelmed by a new chemical smell when we leave. It’s important to us that a customer’s home isn’t left with chemical residue; and that includes the air you breathe.

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Pet Urine Removal Services Near Me


Zerorez understands how your family's pet can be your best friend — but one of the worst enemies for your carpet. Our proprietary process for removing unwanted pet accidents has been proven. We’ve saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars nationwide by removing urine completely, so the carpet did not have to be replaced.

For a clean, healthy home; you can trust Zerorez. We remove dirt and allergens from the living spaces where you and your loved ones — including your pets — spend time. Don’t let the fear of pet stains or stubborn odor keep you from adding a furry friend to the home.

Let Zerorez clean and protect your home so you can focus on what really matters.

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