What Is Green Cleaning — And Does It Really Matter?

Posted on Jun 9th 2022


What Is Green Cleaning — And Does It Really Matter?

In the last decade, there has been a growing trend in the home care world to “go green” when it comes to household cleaners. But what does green cleaning mean, and does it matter how green your cleaning products really are?

What Is Green Cleaning?

Different households may use different definitions to describe the details of green cleaning, but in general, green cleaning refers to the use of household cleaning products that do not use harsh or environmentally damaging chemicals. Because green cleaning has risen to popularity in recent years, many companies have adopted misleading packaging or marketing even if they do not meet regulations through the Environmental Protection Agency. If you are hoping to transition to green cleaning products, a few labels to look for that suggest that a cleaning product is “green” include the Safer Choice certification, the Design for the Environment (DfE) label, and the low VOC or no VOC labels.

Attention toward green cleaning has increased substantially in the last few years. Here’s why more and more households are opting for green products.

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One large reason why many households are adopting green cleaning products and practices is in an effort to protect the environment. Harsh chemicals used in traditional cleaning products can find their way into water ecosystems and have lasting negative consequences. When materials used in cleaning agents are not biodegradable or sustainably sourced, they can create strain on the environments they’re sourced from as well as in the environments they’re used in.

Many ingredients in common household cleaning products are toxic to aquatic animals and plants. Especially with sprays that will evaporate into your surroundings or liquids that go down the drain and end up in groundwater or being evaporated, waste from harsh cleaners can cause catastrophe for local ecosystems.

In addition to threatening aquatic ecosystems, common ingredients in household cleaners can also contribute to air pollution in your local area, creating smog and poor air quality both indoors and outdoors.


Another common reason why many households opt for green cleaning practices is to protect the health of everyone in the household. Some common household cleaners can pose risks to pets, children, and other family members over time. Exposure to concentrated cleaning products for extended time periods can cause irritation in the skin and eyes and may even cause harm to reproductive systems.

Switching to green cleaning products can prevent issues like rashes, eye irritation and poor air quality in your home. In addition, keeping harsh chemicals and cleaners in your home can pose a risk to curious pets and children that may come across them.

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Find Carpet Cleaning Without Harsh Chemicals

Maintaining the freshness of your home and keeping your carpets feeling and smelling clean can be an overwhelming, ongoing endeavor. Especially when selecting a professional carpet cleaning service to refresh your flooring, identifying offerings that are kind to your health and the environment may feel difficult.

That’s why Zerorez offers carpet cleaning with no harsh chemicals. This treatment can help extend the life of your carpets and lift the dirt and bacteria from your carpet fibers, while still remaining pet-friendly and kid-friendly. With a zero-residue, fast-drying treatment, Zerorez offers a clean you can trust.

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