How to Keep Carpets Clean Around Pets

Posted on Jun 9th 2022


How to Keep Carpets Clean Around Pets

Our four-legged friends are part of what make a house feel like a home. At the same time, parenting cats and dogs can also mean taking on extra cleaning responsibilities and considering additional steps to maintain a healthy household.

Pet messes in carpets can have long-term consequences for your home, from discoloration in your carpeting to unpleasant odors and even health concerns. In addition to pet messes such as urine, pets who play both outdoors and indoors can transfer all kinds of bacteria into your home, where these particles can get stuck in your carpet fibers.

Over time, exposure to ammonia from pet urine can cause serious lung damage. Cleaning your carpets thoroughly and frequently can prevent health problems while keeping your home feeling fresh. When it comes to taking care of your carpets, keep these tips in mind.

Trim Nails

One of the most overlooked ways to protect your carpets from pet-related damage is to trim your pets’ nails regularly. Sharp claws on cats and dogs can damage the fibers in your carpets, causing additional wear and tear.

You can purchase pet-specific nail trimmers in pet stores. If your pet is particularly squirmy, your vet or groomer can help you keep their nails an ideal length.

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Vacuum Frequently

Having pets in the home means that in order to keep your carpets clean and intact, you need to vacuum more frequently. Run the vacuum cleaner with a pet-safe powder at least twice a week in order to quickly lift dirt and bacteria from your flooring.

Especially with dogs or outdoor cats, it’s important to rid your carpets of bacteria frequently. If you go too long between vacuuming, dirt particles can reach the deeper fibers of your carpet and stay there until your next deep cleaning.

Use a Protector

When you move in, get new carpets, or adopt a new furry family member, it can be a good idea to use a carpet protector or guard product. This can provide a protective layer and help to prevent stains and keep dirt and bacteria from settling within your carpet fibers.

Pick Up Messes As Soon As Possible

Families who have young puppies or dogs that struggle with potty training know that accidents happen. If you notice your pet has had an accident and made a mess on your carpets, don’t delay in picking up the mess as soon as possible. The longer it stays on the carpet, the tougher it will be to get it out completely.

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Deep Cleaning for Pet Stains and Odors

If you notice a pet’s mess has stained or left an odor behind, leverage the technology of Zerorez. Instead of simply masking the smell and effects of pet urine, Zerorez uses a special process to lift dirt, clean completely, rinse and dry.

With the latest in cleaning technology, Zerorez pet urine removal services can get your carpets looking, smelling, and feeling as good as new.

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