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While our home maintenance checklists often include the many aspects of our home we can actually see, one of the most important elements when it comes to our health is the air quality inside our homes. Air quality in the home can be impacted by a variety of factors, from whether there are smokers in the household to whether there are pets in the home. Another important consideration for evaluating the cleanliness of the air in your home is whether your air ducts are clean.

In many cases, the interior air quality in our homes is 5 to 10 times worse than the air quality outdoors. This low-quality air may contribute to health problems and complications in residents such as allergies or asthma. The EPA even lists indoor air quality as one of America’s primary five health threats! Learn why it’s important to have your ducts cleaned, signs it’s time for a cleaning, and how to find the most trustworthy team for air duct cleaning near you.

Why Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Why Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

The quality of the air we breathe within our homes can have huge impacts on our overall health and quality of life. In some households, HVAC ducts may contain allergens and pathogens such as bacteria, kitchen grease, pet dander, and other particles that may be harmful if continuously inhaled from the air in the home.

1 in 5 Americans suffer from poor air quality, whether in their home or their place of work. If you’re noticing symptoms of allergies, asthma, or hay fever, it’s possible that your ducts are to blame.

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When to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

While having your air ducts cleaned is not necessarily a seasonal home maintenance task like having your furnace serviced might be, there are a few signs to look for to determine whether it’s time to have your air ducts cleaned.

Black Carpet Edges

One sign that people often miss is black lines on the edges of the carpeting. This is not only a sign that the carpets need cleaning, but also a sign of carbon filtration, meaning that your vents are pushing out built-up dust and grime particles whenever they switch on to heat or cool your home.

If you notice any visible mold on or inside your ducts, this is another strong sign that it is time for a cleaning. You may also need to address the underlying cause of the mold to prevent this issue from occurring again. If you are not sure if there is visible mold within your ducts, bringing in a team like Zerorez with cutting-edge camera systems to see the inside of your ducts can be a great first step.

If you become aware of any rodents, insects, or other vermin living within your ducts, it is essential to have an air duct cleaning. This may also require identifying other underlying causes that may fall outside of cleaning the ducts themselves, such as sealing off your home or keeping food properly stored.

Finally, if your heating and cooling systems kick on and you notice any dust and debris being pushed out of the vents, this is a likely sign that it’s time for a thorough cleaning.

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    Shannon Yacyshyn


    From start to finish, Zerorez was a delight to work with! I responded to an online ad and received a text quote within hours. I had some additional questions, so called the office and the gal who helped me was amazing and broke everything down - she verified that I had promo codes in my email inbox (I totally forgot!) and we booked a time. The cleaner was on time, assessed the situation, explained the process and was out in under an hour. The other ratings are no joke - book Zerorez for all your carpet cleaning needs!

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    On time. Very thorough. Excellent outcomes! Courteous. Very pleased

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    Charles Rushton


    Fantastic. Got pet stain out of the carpet that the last company couldn’t.

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    Fantastic job! We love using them for our carpets!

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    Arlene Kucera


    My carpets look like new! Also had my wood floors cleaned! They look beautiful

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    Tracy Stephens


    I appreciate the honesty about what treatment was best for our situation. James Croudy is very polite, prompt and professional. We have used him a couple of times and will continue to request him.

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    Very good service

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    They were very professional and thorough. Reid walked us through the entire process and got the job done in less than 2 hours! Highly recommend .. also their citrus spray for pet odors smells so good!!

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    Crys Bangle


    A++++++ My 3rd year using ZeroRez and I am always happy with my choice! The quality of cleaning by far surpasses other carpet cleaning companies! The carpets are dry within hours at most and never have a wet smell! You won’t regret booking with them!

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    Susan Cremer


    Patrick was my technician. Patrick was very professional. He cleaned my carpets beautifully and my two upholster chairs. He was done in under an hour and a half.

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    Sondra Armstrong


    James was very thorough, explained the cleaning process and used a seaweed, orange peels, lemon peels cleaning process. He explained the different types of cleaning. We had pet stains. And pet accidents, and coffee spills. Our carpet looks very clean; very well done. Thank you James for teaching us how to create a liquid barrier and the spiral method! See you in a few months! Duartes

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    Kymberlee Dyke


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    Lots of pet stains removed with just the general cleaning. This is the second time I've used them and I will use them again.

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If you are unsatisfied with your service for any reason, we will gladly return within 30 days of service and re-clean any areas you're unsatisfied with.

Professional air duct cleaning near me at Zerorez.

Finding the Best Air Duct Cleaning Near Me

Your health is much too important to entrust to just anyone! When you set out to find the most qualified air duct cleaning near me, spend time to understand the details of each service provider’s process in order to decide which team you trust to clean the air ducts in your home.

At Zerorez, our air duct cleaning system is one of the most cutting-edge, advanced, powerful air duct cleaning systems available. When you bring in a Zerorez team to clean your air ducts, the professionals will utilize a powerful, truck-mounted whip line cleaning system to clean out your air ducts. With over 15,000 cfm, this vacuum system and the expert navigation of each vent within your ducts will lead to an efficient and powerful clean.

Once the cleaning is finished, you can see the stunning results for yourself using a special camera that will show you the inside of your ducts. Compare the before and after footage for a clear understanding of just how much your ducts need cleaning.

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