How Often Should Area Rugs Be Cleaned? Zerorez

Posted on Nov 30th 2022


How Often Should Area Rugs Be Cleaned? Zerorez

One of the best ways to add a splash of personality and color to a room is by incorporating a beautiful area rug. However, it’s important to remember that, just like carpets, area rugs need regular cleanings in order to remain clean, soft, and vibrant. Once you’ve determined the cleaning needs for area rugs in your home, you can entrust that cleaning to Zerorez.

The Importance of Routine Rug Cleaning

Having rugs professionally cleaned is an often overlooked home care project. Still, it has tons of benefits for your home and your health.

Living with dirty rugs in your home can cause health issues like respiratory problems, allergies, and even skin infections for pets and family members in the household. Regular vacuuming is only a short–term solution that is insufficient for thoroughly cleaning area rugs. This is because of the microscopic irritants and bacteria that get trapped within a rug's fibers.

Having your rugs professionally cleaned will leave you with lovely, vibrant rugs that will last longer. Preserve this element of your home decor, protect your investment in your home with professional rug cleaning, and enjoy the payoff of a beautiful and clean home.

Factors That Determine How Often to Clean Your Rugs

A general rule of thumb is to have rugs cleaned professionally every 12 months. However, every home is different, and even within the same home, every room will require different cleaning regimens. Consider the following factors as you work to decide how often to schedule your professional rug cleaning.

Where is the rug located? If it's in a high–traffic area like an entryway or main hallway, the rug will likely need to be cleaned more frequently. However, rugs in spots like guest rooms or spare offices that don't see much use may be able to go a bit longer than 12 months.

Soft, plush carpets make for a pleasant home thanks to Zerorez.

Who lives in the household? If you live with kids and pets, your floors will likely see more wear and tear—and more dirt—than households without them. This will require more frequent cleanings.

What's your maintenance and care routine? Your timelines may change depending on several factors: how often you vacuum and clean an area, whether you and your guests keep your shoes on throughout the house, and how you maintain your rugs between cleanings.

What type and color is the rug? Depending on the rug's quality, type, and color, it may require more frequent cleaning. A high–quality rug made with light colors like yellows or pinks will likely warrant more frequent professional cleanings than rugs in darker colors.

Rug Cleaning from Zerorez

The right professional rug cleaning services can protect and maintain your prized possessions-call Zerorez today.

Not all rug cleaning services are created equal. Unfortunately, some professional rug cleaning services will damage your rug's delicate fibers in the long term. It's crucial to choose professional rug cleaning services to protect and maintain your prized possessions.

Rug cleaning services from Zerorez utilize green technology that’s safe for your family, your pets, the environment, and the rug itself.

With shortened dry times and a process that restores color to your rugs, you’ll be left with bright and fresh area rugs when you work with Zerorez. Book your appointment today!